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Patients at State hospitals and clinics in South Africa are typically destitute, malnourished, as well as being very sick or injured. Many are jobless, many are homeless, and many have no loved-ones to provide the basic needs for them in hospital.

The Ruth Mailbag Group strives to provide for the needs of destitute moms and babies in the maternity and NICU of our local state hospital and several other hospitals in our country who have asked for our help by providing them with a basic baby pack for their new and or sick babies.

If you can assist please get in touch with us through or visit our blog at for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Joy Coetzee
Founder – The Ruth Mailbag Group

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Special Appeal – Baby Blankets!!!

Special Appeal – Baby Blankets!!!

 “Baby it is cold outside” and getting colder and colder...  we urgently need baby blankets for the babies born at the local State hospital...  these moms and their babies come mostly from informal settlements where the accommodation is probably a shack, cold, draughty and leaks.  Please help us warm these babies NOW!  Our stock of blankets is depleted and there is still a while to go before the seasons change.  Please send your blankets, bought, knitted, crocheted, sewn, loomed, second hand good quality... to: The Ruth Mailbag Group, “For charity, NOT for sale”, C/o Foto First, 180 Murchison Street, Ladysmith 3370. 

Thank you, for helping the babies of our community!!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


THANK YOU:  Anonymous, Francis, Amisha, Gail, Retha, Karin, Edna, Di, Barbara H, Doreen (family and friends), Lyn G, Judy and sister, Sharyn, Colleen, Shirley, Gwen, Liz and Sheila, Knit-N-Knatter, Mpilonhle, Sandra and friends, Dr Behariram, Liz (Marie, family and friends), Linda, Wilma and Tammy.
   We greatly appreciate all of our donors and volunteers, without you our group would not exist. Please know that if your name was left off our list it was unintentional and all of your efforts are valued and appreciated.
  GIFTING:   Mpilonhle on 11 June 2012 (Knitted tops, vests and beanies for their crèches).
Moms and Babies on 3 June 2012 (34 knitted or crocheted baby blankets) and on 27 May 2012 18 newborn sets and 13 preemie sets.  Moms and staff always delighted with our gifts and very grateful for our help.
Sorry no deliveries on the 10th as I took the day off to attend a cousin’s kitchen tea out on the farm, it was a lovely day and the bride to be received some wonderful presents.
   World Wide Knit in Public Day: Held at the Mary Catherine on Saturday morning. Thank you, to all who attended and made it a lovely morning of knitting, crocheting and looming. Thank you, too, to Sharyn and the Mary Catherine for their kind hospitality. Once again, thank you, one and all for your support!!!
   Comfort scarves, slippers/socks & toiletries for Victory Haven; Closing date for this project – 7 July 2012; (Affiliated to Handmade with love Especially for You); All items donated are much appreciated.  Handmade Especially for You hopes YOU will make comfort scarves for abused women.  Here are the specs for making comfort scarves: big needles (size 15 or 17) or big hooks (K, N, P); soft yarn (for comfort); happy colour; at least 4 inches wide but no more than 5 inches wide; at least 60 inches long; open stitch (for distribution in a warm climate); some decoration like fun fur or ribbon to individualize each scarf and make it a personal gift for the recipient.  Thanks in advance for your participation.  Related links:
   I have launched the Christmas appeal early this year...  Last year I launched in September and many companies responded that I had left it too late for their budgets, so, here is hoping...
   Mandela Day on 18 July is already on the radar...  Barbara and Retha will do the gifting on this occasion with the help of their friends.
   NEW HOSPITAL LISTING: No new listings at this stage.
  MEETING: A wonderful meeting and a great group of ladies.  We did a quick summary of the events of the past month and projects in June, then settled down to the show and tell.  The members always enjoy seeing what they have all been doing since the last meeting.  We received donations of yarn that was quickly distributed to people interested in knitting scarves for Victory Haven, the shelter for abused women and children in town.  The donation of fabric was kindly taken by Aunt Edna to make blankets for the babies.  That done it was time for liquid refreshments and some socialising.  As always Sharyn was the perfect hostess, thank you.  Bless you all and thank you for all you do for our babies!
Please welcome co-ordinators Marie and Liz who have invited their family and friends to knit and crochet squares and or blankets for The Ruth Mailbag Group.  Liz has been knitting squares furiously and has already made 3 very beautiful blankets for the babies.  Do you love crocheting and knitting for charity?  Make and send squares and help keep a cold baby warm.  These two special ladies will turn your squares into blankets.
  Pam Chadderton and the sewing circle: I have finished garments and a few knitted jerseys.  Matinee jackets coming on nicely.
Thank you, every one of you, for your efforts on behalf of the babies!!!
Combs; Toothbrushes; Toothpaste; Soap – Baby/Mom; Vaseline/Barrier Cream; Face cloths – Baby/Mom; Towels – Hand/Baby; Receiving Blankets; Baby Blankets; Diaper Pins; Cloth Diapers; Gowns/Sleepers/Babygros; Infant Socks/Bootees/Hats; Sweaters/Jackets (Preferable sizes Premature/Tiny baby/Newborn/0 to 3 months/1 -3 months) (New or very good quality second hand).
   Happy crafting / shopping,
  Joy Coetzee – Founder - The Ruth Mailbag Group
To send donated items: The Ruth Mailbag Group, FOR CHARITY – NO RETAIL VALUE, C/o Foto First, 180 Murchison Street, Ladysmith 3370, South Africa.  Fax 086 516 4618; Email,
The Travelling Bookshop – AWESOME BOOK SALE!!!  Egerton Primary School, Ladysmith, 8 & 9 November 2012, 8th 10h00 till 17h00 & 9th 07h30 till 10h30.  Method of Payment – Credit card, cash & cheque.  Contact Rob Andrew, E Cape/ Natal Consultant on 082 879 8860, fax 086 545 4103,  A huge variety of brand new top quality books at AMAZING PRICES!

Monday, 4 June 2012




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Sunday, 3 June 2012

How you can help

How you can help

there are many items you could donate to


(Affiliated to Handmade with love Especially for You)

Comfort scarves, slippers/socks & toiletries for Victory Haven shelter for abused women and children
Closing date for this project – 7 July 2012

Wool/buttons/lace/ribbon/fabric & sewing cotton

New and good quality 2nd hand goods

All items donated are much appreciated


“For charity – NO retail value”



Then why not join us or send in your finished items

Please remember to add your name and
address / email so I can let you know they have arrived...

Fax 086 516 4618; Related link -